Working with Direct Advertisers: Key Points


The results of the Interactive Advertising Bureau research have shown that profit growth in the mobile advertising segment in 2015 came up to 68% and experts predict this pace to continue at least until 2020.

Mobile advertising market is developing rapidly. Many companies reallocate their budgets to this segment. Not to mention the constantly increasing numbers of mobile applications. And the generated demand gave rise to lots of new advertising agencies and affiliate programs on the market.

All of them tend to get and, most importantly, to keep high-profile customers which are preferred to be direct advertisers, as everyone realizes the direct working benefits. Such benefits include profit growth due to the leveling of mediation percent, market reputation improvements useful experience, exclusive campaigns, private budgets, and more.

So how do you build a successful work with the direct customer?

It is important to establish a number of checkpoints at various stages of cooperation with developers and direct advertisers. Later these checkpoints will be useful in traffic optimization and, what’s more important, in achieving campaign goals.

Setting up a postback is necessary to obtain data for all parameters important for traffic quality evaluation. This include:

  • Returning to the application on the n-th day;
  • Passing a certain level of the game;
  • Staying in the app for a certain amount of time;
  • Purchases, subscriptions, registrations, etc.

All of this will give agencies an opportunity for quick self-sustained traffic optimization in the future.

It is also important to carry out obligations of working off the budget, which the advertiser provides on a particular campaign. This is especially important in a case of burst campaigns. You can not let your client down in such a crucial moment.

In general, you need to build a high-quality productive cooperation, get reliable sources of direct traffic, conduct its daily optimization and be able to share tips and secrets from own experience.

Tapgerine operates on the mobile market since 2013. Over this time the agency has developed its own approach to service and support, personalizing the workflow for each client. A subtle understanding of the challenges and customer needs only comes with experience, which Tapgerine has. A truly high-quality interaction with direct advertisers is backed with trust. We work on top of the efforts to maintain it.

As for that, Tapgerine employs the proprietary antifraud system, that allows us to control traffic quality: check the source reliability, eliminate duplicate IP-adresses, identify non-incent traffic substitution, etc. Our team is constantly monitoring new antifraud solutions and opportunities and complementing the system, ensuring its relevance. The efficacy results are proven by the successful cooperation with many companies.

Thanks to cooperation with more than 4,000 publishers, Tapgerine can provide traffic for completely different queries: niche verticals, rare geos, a variety of devices. We can supply the optimal combination of traffic volume and quality.

A stable relationship with direct advertisers is a task that requires some investments from both sides. And first of all the work should be based on openness, transparency, and trust. Convenient Tapgerine platform can become a foundation for this type of cooperation — a foundation for the new experience and new level of profit in mobile marketing.

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