Why Video Is The Hottest Trend of The Season


Mobile Marketing: the Present and the Future

The most discussed news of the past month has only confirmed the opinion already established in the market: if you’re not using video advertising, then there’s no better time than now to start. We 100% endorse these views. In proof of this statement, the MMV presents convincing reasons Why Online Businesses Should Use Video to Nourish Leads in their article. We recommend spending 5 minutes looking it over.


If these reasons are not convincing enough, it’s time to break out the “big guns” – the figures. According to Zenith’s forecasts, online video viewing will rise by 20% in 2017. The adspend will grow even higher – by 23%. And smartphone users are to blame for this.


Due to them, Vertical Video has become the New Black. That’s not surprising considering holding your phone sideways in one hand is kind of a pain, especially when you need to flip it around every time a video in your news feed piques your interest.


Not only advertisers have reacted to this news. Tapgerine’s developers have also prepared some new solutions to ensure you get the most out of your video ads. Don’t hesitate to contact our mangers in order to find out more – cpm@tapgerine.com.

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This summer we’ve also witnessed quite an interesting “boys vs girls” study. Shutterstock has proven that men really do fall in love with their eyes and are more responsive to image-led online ads than women. The study has also shown that the right image can double the amount of time that online ads are viewed and raise the ad performance.

How-tos of the Month

Leslie Duncan, the biddable account director at Harvest Media, shares her five secrets for selecting the right image (and not only image) in The Drum. In her opinion, personalisation is the key ingredient of successful online campaigns. It can be achieved with a skillful combination of creative ideas and accurate user data.


And yet, all of this creativity should always be based on industry standards, which, by the way, are constantly changing. In this regard, we are here to share the latest update to the Standard Ad Unit Portfolio from IAB with you. The new ad units listed in the Portfolio are based on aspect ratio and size range rather than fixed pixel sizes. That will allow making ads responsive to different screen sizes.


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