Meet Webwall – Our Novel Tool For Browser Offerwalls Generation

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Today we are happy to announce the Webwall 1.0 release. Designed by our company’s experts, it allows our partners who run blogs, services and other web resources to unlock the full monetization potential of their audiences by displaying them organic offerwalls right in the mobile browser.

This is how Webwall boosts your revenues:

  • Adopt a top performing in-app ad format to monetize your web traffic more effectively.
  • Place it where you want it: add a link to the offerwall to your website or just send it to users.
  • Set up a specific event to activate an offerwall in order to make it less disruptive and more engaging.
  • Start making money in less than 10 minutes – generation and implementation processes are easy as a pie!

How to get started?

Webwall doesn’t require any special tools or software usage. All you need to start raising your incomes is a website and JS support.

Create your first offerwall in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose the specific icon when adding a new application in the SDK section of your Publisher’s account.
  2. Enter a name you find suitable.
  3. Generate a link by clicking Get Offerwall URL for mobile browser button.

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You can use the received link as you wish: add it to your website or send it to users via an email or any messenger.

Advanced Settings

If you wish to create a better ad experience for your users by displaying an offerwall in the context of your website, you can set a specific event or page element to activate it.

To do so select the Advanced integration settings option instead of generating the link.

The popup form will help you to choose the desired settings and generate the appropriate JS script.

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Copy the script and paste it to the bottom of page before closing the body tag.

You can use this form any time you wish to generate a new JS code.

More to Benefit From

The Webwall provides you with a variety of features to streamline the workflow and add an extra coin to your purse.

1) One link for all your sites
Both generated link and JS code may be used multiple times and applied to all websites you own.

2) Backfill mode
Activate the backfill option to avoid situations where the number of displayed offers drops to an unacceptably low level (due to limited offer’s lifetime or specific user’s geo, etc.). It allows you to rotate the auto-approved offers below those selected and arranged by you.

3) Simple tracking
If you don’t have a tracking system you can add default tracking parameters in your Profile. These parameters will be automatically added to the tracking link for all offers added to the Webwall. You can also specify tracking parameters for certain offers if you wish to get more detailed statistics.

4) Organic design
The style of the offerwall aligns with the style of the viewer’s browser. This ensures a smooth transition and higher user satisfaction.

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That’s how the generated offerwall is displayed in Safari and Firefox.

These are not all the advantages of Webwall. Contact our manager to get more info on our innovative tool. Or try it by yourself in your Publisher account. And don’t miss our updates – we’ll keep you informed on the new versions of WebWall and other Tapgerine’s products.

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