Unity Version of SDK: Achievement Unlocked

Unity version of SDK

Great news for all developers building apps in Unity! Now you can integrate offerwalls to boost both user engagement and dollars you gain from your ad space.

The Unity version of Tapgerine’s SDK is now available.

To integrate it just click the appropriate icon when adding an application.

Unity SDK

The SDK includes all the features available in the original version:

  • Recommended appscreate organic offerwalls which generate up to $5 of revenue per install.
  • Rewarded appsreward your users with virtual currency when they install and use applications. Such ads are proven to be one of the most user friendly formats able to improve retention rates and in-app sales.
  • A large number of offers – select among 2K+ approved campaigns in all geos and verticals.
  • Easy customizationchange the ad units’ appearance to make it align with your app’s context.
  • Quick integrationthe ad unit may be instated in less than 10 minutes.

Dmitry Ivanov, COO Tapgerine: The Unity engine gives developers cutting edge technology that allows them to create apps and games compatible with all popular platforms. It’s not surprising that over 70% of our mobile publishers use it. In order to meet their demand, and taking into account the interest in previous SDK releases, we’ve created a kind of… unity – the combination of Tapgerine SDK features and full compatibility with Unity apps for better performance.

Contact us if you have any questions about the opportunities of the new SDK or wish to implement it into your app (Please note that you need to be a registered user of the platform).

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