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Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly and it’s time to think about ways to employ new smart technologies in online advertising. A series of articles on Medium put up interesting thoughts on the subject. In the first part, you will find an overview of the AI capabilities at the present stage, while the second part will show how you can use them in practice.

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The artificial intelligence subject clearly can be called the discovery of the year: in January VentureBeat flooded its subscribers with articles examining various aspects of this technology. There are thoughts on how can the AI affect modern marketing in general, what current market problems can it solve, how will it help select the best ads and essential questions to consider prior to investing in AI. In addition, the resource has brought up potential risks associated with the rapid development of smart technologies — an aspect that we should also keep in mind.


Google constantly pleases the audience with fresh updates. This time the company announced new tools for optimizing ads in Youtube. In its blog, Google reports that the additions will affect the formation of reporting, ease access to the target audience and improve advertising control algorithms efficiency.


Localytics presented two interesting books in January. The first one is a must-read for the beginning of the year: it will help you familiarize with mobile marketing version 2017. With its help, beginners will be able to understand the niceties of the industry quickly, while seasoned marketers will get all the latest trends summarized in one place and in a very convenient form.

The second book tells about ways to optimize your application, make the most of each campaign, choose the best ones and manage the KPI calculations. In short, there’s everything you need to know to start a successful business.


Would you choose to pay or to watch a video ad to get an extra life in a mobile game? Unity research has shown that 71% of users choose the second option with greater enthusiasm. And almost 80% of those who have watched ads perceived them in a positive way and get engaged with the new product. Efficiency is definitely a thing to boost in future campaigns!

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It’s not enough to put your video ad in the right place to engage users — you should also take care of making it bright, catchy and presenting your product in a perfect way. Intango rolled out their version of the TOP-5 points, which a really high-quality video should include.

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