Tapgerine Video Solutions: Make Them Mad About Your Ad!

If you think that video is an up-and-coming trend, then you still dwell in 2016. Today it’s an ad industry obsession – omnipresent, viral and extremely powerful.

While users are becoming video-addicted, more brands create stories that make us laugh, cry, and click the ‘buy’ button. But even the catchiest ad comes up short when shown to the wrong person at the wrong time. So you should always keep in mind the way you deliver your video to your target audience.

Here are some solutions by Tapgerine to solve the distribution problem in the most effective way:

video final

And that’s not all we’ve got to offer. Our development and sales team work hand-in-hand to make every solution bring our partners more beneficial and genuine results.

These are our most recent updates:

Direct supply sources
Each day we integrate new publishers to our network, thus providing you access to premium inventory.

Fill rate optimization
A special technological layer designed to optimize publishers’ fillrates and increase your ads viewability by valued users.

Proprietary Video Player
A top-notch solution allowing developers to integrate rewarded, in-stream, in-content, and interstitial ad units.

Learn more about how you can drive maximum benefit from Tapgerine’s video solutions – contact our manager at cpm@tapgerine.com. Our experts will gladly help you launch your campaign in the most efficient way. And subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed of our newest developments in field of video advertising!



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