Tapgerine News Digest: Has The World Gone Mobile?

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Mobile Marketing: the Present and the Future

Mobile device penetration sets new records annually. ComScore has managed to tally some of these records. They’ve determined the “mobile first” markets – the countries where people prefer mobile devices to laptops most . India and Indonesia became the out-and-out winners, though the 3rd place still remains disputed. Is your country among the leaders? Let’s find out!


When talking about the development perspectives for mobile advertising, more and more experts state that the micro-moments are the next big thing. Are you ready for the Future of Marketing? – asks Google… and shares a link to their complete guide to the topic.


The fraud is a hot topic again. According to the Fraudlogix research, only 3 percent of publishers cause 68 percent of ad fraud problem, and spoil the reputation of the remaining 97%. They also share a few tips on how to recognize and avoid the scammers. We are forewarned and so now we will be forearmed.

Tapgerine is also an active fraud-fighter. Find out more about our tools from the article Dirty Tricks in Mobile Advertising Industry.

Tapgerine recommends

What don’t we know about mobile marketing? Walker Techarts in their infographic proclaim that we do not know 104 facts. The publication includes the analysis of popular platforms, mobile sites and apps comparison, and an overview of users’ behavior while trying to perform a certain action. It’s an excellent opportunity to grow your knowledge base and tell in the comments how many facts were really new to you 😉


Are you sure all your campaigns are effective? Let’s check that! The Marketing Land experts have made a compilation of 10 common mistakes companies make with mobile. Do not be afraid to admit if you scored 10 out of 10. Our managers will gladly help you pull up the grades!

How-to’s of the Month

This May, we wanted to pay attention not only to customer attraction but also to retention. And here are some useful articles on this topic:

Most people don’t buy on the first visit. Retargeting ads are among the most efficient marketing tactics to convert such visitors into real buyers. Everything You Need to Know about this tool may be found in the Oberlo article.

Content marketing is another powerful tool for audience retention. Learn how to create not just interesting, but viral content from the Forbes article. Business resources may also be very useful for marketing specialists!

And, of course, keep checking back for Tapgerine updates – we are full of interesting stories!

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