Tapgerine launches Superlink – Remnant Traffic Monetization Solution

We present own solution for back traffic monetization

Account managers are trying their best to find top converting offers but while studying the statistics they see the numbers of back traffic are tending to increase. The majority of agencies have opted for a tool to monetize wasted clicks and have already started making some money on remnant traffic. Tapgerine has applied great effort to enable the SuperLink to bring more profit and now they present this option to the market.

Tapgerine launches Superlink - Remnant Traffic Monetization Solution

SuperLink works magic – it has the fastest optimization process to target the necessary geo, device, OS and filter the offers to bring you the highest profit available.

Dmitry Ivanov, COO, Tapgerine says:

“The idea of building our own SuperLink came to us when we were trying different redirecting links and rotating options available on the market. None of them fully satisfied us as the volume we were sending could lead us to much more revenue. One of the main reasons being lack of proper campaigns to direct traffic for. That’s why we decided to make a new SuperLink for Tapgerine.

We took our time trying to bring our own tool to perfection. The outcomes were great and we could receive higher profit out of the same amount of clicks. You can see it for yourself: the one-link-integration won’t take you more than two minutes”

Tapgerine launches Superlink - Remnant Traffic Monetization Solution

SuperLink won’t fight it but will make you money on it. SuperLink by Tapgerine ensures more complete targeting and chooses the most profitable app available.

  1. There are many reasons you get back traffic
  2. geo mistargeting
  3. overcap
  4. tracking issues and immediate pauses

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