Tapgerine at the MMS’16: As It Was


The annual Mobile Monetization Summit is an event one wouldn’t want to miss. In 2016, experts from around the world gathered again in Tel Aviv to share knowledge, new solutions, ideas and just talk about what happened in the industry recently – and what’s waiting ahead.

Tapgerine is no stranger to this annual event. This time we have also appeared as a Silver sponsor of the event and met partners and guests in our own zone. And, of course, we listened to the conference presentations with a great pleasure and learned a lot of interesting things:

  1. The results and forecasts. 5 speakers from different companies talked about the most interesting trends, technologies, work formats, efficient (and not really) outgoing year strategies. The topic organically continued and developed further in two reports: the first one about the new trends in the mobile segment, and the second one, speculating on the fate of bots in 2017. Tapgerine learned a lot about bot platforms and the usage of chat bots for user acquisition and monetization. In addition, speakers emphasized the success of the Freemium model: free games with optional in-app purchases continue to occupy leading positions among the top grossing applications and do not seem like losing ground in 2017.
  2. Video content for maximum investment efficiency. Over 30% of the top apps in AppStore use video advertising, which is the most effective advertising tool attracting more users than any other format. Smaato specialist Elisa Schwuchow spoke about the best strategies to maximize ROI using mobile video ads.
  3. Fraud and how to deal with it. 3 reports were devoted entirely to the problem of fraud and how to combat it. Moreover, this issue popped up in every other speech one way or another. Tapgerine was very pleased to see that the mobile advertising community is actively engaged in finding a solution to this pressing problem.
  4. Virtual and augmented reality and wearable electronics – a new future for the industry? AR and VR devices are developing rapidly, but the question is where this development actually leads. Will they become the dominant platform, like today’s smartphones, or go into a niche of smart TVs? On MMSummit ’16 we learned a couple of new ideas about the future of VR and non-VR wearables and their fate in a rapidly changing industry.

And it’s only the tip of the iceberg! Tapgerine is looking forward to applying new knowledge and sharing more new interesting stuff with you. See you soon on the blog!

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