Tap It Easy: New Tapgerine SDK Release


We are happy to announce the new version of our mobile advertising SDK, 1.2! The update facilitates the workflow for webmasters by making it easier to create and manage organic offerwalls. Now you can monetize your iOS or Android app faster, better, and more effectively!

What’s new:

  • Intuitive code implementation;
  • Fast offers import;
  • Easy integration;
  • Improved data accuracy;
  • More flexible design.

Native is new effective

Our ad SDK provides ample opportunities for interface customization. Make your offers look native and achieve the highest user satisfaction.

1. Select the number of columns
Create one offer column that will fill the whole screen, or divide ads into two or three vertical sections.

2. Set up the styles
You can change the offerwall appearance to make it more suitable for your app. The following elements are customizable:

  • the color of Install button;
  • the offerwall background;
  • the font of the title and the description;
  • the background of the specific offer;
  • the width of the offer shading.

3. Change the header to make your offers even more catchy

android in app advertising

The table shows all interface options with the settings described above.

Getting started with Tapgerine SDK

First of all, you need to sign up to our platform and receive the confirmation from our manager. After the registration process is over, you can launch your first campaign in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Adding your app

To add an application you need to press Add Application button in SDK->Applications section. Then enter the app’s name and its Google Play or App Store URL in a pop-up form.

advertising sdk

Step 2: Installation and setup

Download SDK for your app by pressing the appropriate button in the Applications sub-section. Unzip the archive and drag’n’drop files to the project folder. The archive contains detailed manuals on SDK installation both for iOS and Android. Just follow the instruction.

ios in app advertisement

Step 3: Launching your campaign

All the campaigns may be set up in your Publisher’s account at the Platform. Tapgerine provides its users with a few convenient tools for managing the offers.

  • Sandbox is a default option that pushes a preset list of offers to your SDK for testing purposes. You can use it to examine the offerwall visual layout.
  • If you wish to manage your offers, you need to head for Offers sections where you can select the most suitable offers for your campaign.

android developer sdk

  • Align selected offers in the desired sequence on the Manage page. If you have several applications, you may set different presets for each of them.

sdk advertising

Dmitry Ivanov, COO Tapgerine: “Frankly saying, I was a little bit surprised when got the test period statistics. Over 24 app developers with a total audience of over 100 000 users have tried the update and most of them remained satisfied with it. We’ve received quite a lot of positive reviews as well. So I’m certain that an official release will simplify the working process for our existing customers and attract the new ones. And it’s surely not the last SDK update. In the future, we are going to implement even more useful tools for optimization and advanced monetization of your apps, as well as other ad formats support. We hope you’ll enjoy the new opportunities!”

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or wish to join the Platform. And keep abreast of our latest news not to miss the next SDK release. We’ll keep on doing our best to make your experience with Tapgerine enjoyable and your profits – higher!


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