Spring Training in Tapgerine’s Academy of Mobile Marketing!


What does it mean to be a pro in the world of mobile marketing? What is an affiliate program, how can you monetize traffic, and how do webmasters and advertisers do this in the most profitable way?

The students of Tapgerine’s spring Academy of Mobile Marketing course were stormed by these and many other questions over the last week. 30 guys and girls who passed a strict introductory selection, plunged into the study of mobile marketing intricacies. Tapgerine experts conducted fascinating lectures and workshops, discussed the acute problems of the modern mobile industry with students. 


During the course the following topics were considered in detail:

  • Mobile marketing basics: why this industry brings multibillion-dollar revenues
  • Sales in mobile marketing: what is the ideal account manager like
  • Work with publishers: where does the traffic come from?
  • Digital advertising trends and the future of mobile marketing


“Our company is rapidly developing, and therefore we always need young and ambitious people on our team,” — shared Dmitry Ivanov, COO Tapgerine. — For us, the Mobillionaire is an amazing opportunity to share experiences with the young, to try to spark in their eyes the same excitement and passion that our work ignites in us. Every day for many years! For students, of course, this is an invaluable experience, skills that you will never get from books. And for the most stubborn, diligent and Intelligent the program offers guaranteed job placement in one of the world’s most successful international companies”

The last noted circumstance became another powerful stimulus for the Mobillionaire’s students to prove themselves In the brightest way possible. Here is a look at the action in real life check out the photos directly from the scene:



Well, we congratulate the best students-Mobillionaires, who are now full-fledged specialists in the field of mobile marketing and digital advertising. Those who want to try their hand at Tapgerine’ Academy of mobile marketing, we encourage you to follow our news and sign up for the next course!

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