Scary Tales of Mobile Marketing

Scary tales of Mobile marketing

Halloween is the time when all spine-chilling stories come to life. And SMM-marketers are the first ones to shiver. After a series of tests, Facebook launched an alternative explore news feed, designed to help users find more interesting content. However, the reaction of professionals was quite controversial: some state that it will lead to a huge drop in organic reach, others think that it will bring more opportunities for advertising. Who’s right? Soon we’ll see.


Additionally, many marketers have already began the preparations for the darkest day of this year – Black Friday. To attract the crowds of customers to your brand you need to stand out from the crowd of competitors. You’ll find some really inspiring ideas for launching a hard-hitting campaign in Smart Insights article.


Once the market has conquered the “fear” of willful millennials by turning them into a loyal and paying audience, the new “Z-generation hazard” has taken its place. To win this audience segment you need to strike them right in the hearts. According to Entrepreneur, the most precise weapon is Experiential Marketing. Find out the 5 best ways to use it.


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All of these news force brands and agencies upgrade their advertising arsenal with new techniques and solutions. According to Marketo, mobile marketing along with email can pack a serious punch. Learn some killer practises from their blog.


The biggest gun in any advertising armory still remains video marketing. So the one who shoots it should be well-prepared. Faithfully, Forbes experts have collected 15 Essentials To Consider When Employing Video Marketing for those who are eager to start.


Has this digest given you  the chills? Don’t worry the Tapgerine team is here to help you deal with the most monstrous advertising goals. Contact us to join the platform and get the top scary news protection. And stay aware of the industry hair raiser by subscribing to our newsletter. And of course…

Happy Halloween!

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