The Scary Digital News Of October



Halloween is about scary things and what can be more terrifying than the latest news in the digital industry.

Alleged robbery. Long story short — after Anthony Levandowski, a leader of Google’s self-driving-car unit, joined Uber, all hell broke loose. But we suggest you read the long story by The New Yorker to learn about the treacherous nature of Silicon Valley life.

The “horrible” possibilities of the future. Can American democracy be fixed by digital technologies? Read about the prospects of voting by mobile phone and let us know your opinion! 

GDPR India style. India New Law on Personal Data requires all the information gathered on its citizens to be stored on servers within the country. Some of the major banking companies simply had no time to prepare for the change. American Express, Visa and MasterCard violate the law every time Indians swipe their cards. 

Scary statistics. User retention seems to remain the key issue for most app developers and marketers. Only around 1.5% of users stay engaged with a game 28 days after the installation. For more, check out this piece on BusinessOfApps.

The video is taking over the world. It also takes over the loading speed of your website. Everything you wanted to know about the current state of video in the article at Smashing Magazine

Is the only free cheese in the mousetrap? Google has announced a free training platform for Android Developers.

Something’s wrong with multi-touch attribution. We all want it, it seems fair, yet no one can discover the specific way it should function. Adjust may have a few ideas






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