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Starting today you can raise money from mobile audiences even though you might not have an application in the Google Play store. Tapgerine’s unique RADWALL solution makes it possible! Our simple-to-use tool allows creating your own app discovery applications which will help your users find new games and utilities, and you – monetize each of the installs.

Win-Win Strategy For All

1)For users

According to latest reports, the majority of users are in a constant search for new apps.  Up to ¾ of mobile owners download new applications once a week or even more frequently.


You can satisfy their need for new apps and for an appropriate recommendation tool all at once. At the same time, your wallet will become a little bit heavier.

2) For RADWALL-generated apps owners

No matter what category your resource belongs to, your personal app is a great way to increase user loyalty by recommending to them what they might be interested in.

Your benefits will only double if your platform is dedicated to mobile games, apps’ reviews or Android-based novelties.

We’ve made the task easier for you!

  • You don’t need a coder – the RADWALL download file is generated automatically.
  • You don’t need a designer – we offer multiple options to customize the app starting from your logo and ending with the app’s look and feel.
  • You don’t need a marketer – all the elements are designed and animated the way they catch user attention without causing too much disruption.

3)For OEM and cellular providers

RADWALL allows you creating your own Play Market analogue. Being pre-installed on your smartphones and tablets, it will generate extra revenue with each new user.

Our research has shown that an average customer is able to provide you with $17-$20 of income per month.


Step 1. Generate

To add RADWALL, click the text line I don’t have my own application…” in the Publisher’s account (Applications section)


Choose the name of your app, set a logo, a color scheme and a store title. Upon clicking Save changes you will be redirected to the Applications section and your .apk will be built soon. After the .apk is built Download SDK button appears.


Step 2. Manage

The order of displaying ads is set in the Publisher’s account. If you want to rearrange the ads other way, change it in SDK>Manage. Rating (stars) of the application is being scraped dynamically from the Play Market.

There are 2 modes of displaying offers:

Carousel mode

Offers are accompanied by banners in the uppermost section of the user’s screen. If you add several offers to the carousel, the next offer is displayed as a user swipes.

Standard mode

There are 3 tabs in it: Games, Apps and Hot. Games contains offers with “Game” tag, Apps contains offers with any other tag, and Hot shows only newly created offers.


That’s how RADWALL is displayed with different settings.

Start boosting your revenues today! Contact us if you have any questions on how to use and benefit from RADWALL, and subscribe to our newsletter to get the most up-to-date info on our newest solutions.


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