November was All About This: Tapgerine News Digest


How-To’s of the Month

In early November AppAnnie rolled out an excellent book titled UA Playbook. It offers lots of useful information for beginners (and cheat sheets for pros) on how to attract and retain users, tips about strategies and tracking data. Dive headlong into reading to fully understand which channels, campaigns, publishers, GEOs, and advertisements provide you with the most loyal users and eliminate high uninstall rates.

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Do you remember our recent post about fraud in mobile marketing and how to fight it? Appsflyer has a thing to say on this topic. Their blog is all about practical tips to combat fraud: what’s crucial to know and which numbers to pay attention to. The point upon which we totally agree with Appsflyer is that the occurrence of fraud traffic is easier to prevent than to deal with later on. That’s the purpose of Tapgerine antifraud system, available to all our customers.

Mobile Marketing the Present and the Future

Google’s fight against non-user-friendly advertising (such as huge pop-ups, too intrusive ads, etc) is gaining momentum every day. MarketingLand review delivers the latest news on the subject, as well as consideration of existing alternatives for user-friendly and high-quality advertising for traffic generation.

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Mobile games developer KamaGames in collaboration with  Appodeal agency has conducted a study on ad format that provides the greatest return in terms of new app installations and cross-selling stimulation. Meta-games turned out to be the most effective, encouraging players to participate in the process with motivators such as daily challenges, achievements, and quests. As for the new app installations- meta-games have bypassed social network leads, banner ads, and even video ads.

Tapgerine recommends

The year is coming to an end and it’s time to think about what to do in 2017. Venturebeat presents the TOP-5 trends of the coming year, that might have a significant impact on your marketing plans.

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A study by Tune fully reveals the importance of mobile advertising. According to this study, a number of times the end user have heard about the app directly affects the chances of this app to be installed. And one success, says Tune, leads to another:  top 10 applications (in each category) make up more than 80% of installs in IOS App Store and 80% in Google Play Market.

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