What Happened In November?



Bye-bye, November! Winter is here and we are ready to have a look at what happened to the digital world over the past month.

End of November is all about Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas gifts preparation.

Talking about arrangements and deep groundwork before heading on, the Ultimate Tool Kit for Affiliates could become a great present for your productivity. Read on for a brief advice on how to provide your affiliates with some additional reasons for choosing to promote your product. Also, you can use this article as the outline for your arranged product information checklist.


Negative keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions, word combinations and extensions are all your bread and butter? Then open this edition of Whiteboard Friday, where host Dana DiTomaso explains how SEO specialists can improve their game by taking cues from paid search.

Using data responsibly was and still is one of the timeless must-haves. Before the busiest month of the year starts, you have a minute to read an amazing thought-provoking article by Gladys Kong, CEO of UberMedia, an expert in mobile technology and data solutions.

In this article, you can find some concerns about the importance of brands ensuring that their consumer data strategies are a top priority. The author’s strong belief is that before data can be applied to business decisions, it must be refined, analyzed and measured against specific business challenges.

The responsible use of data can as well reinforce your principles and help your business grow. Video representation is of big assistance here, and we have to know the upcoming changes. YouTube and Facebook are well-known video-giants but have you celebrated the 1st year of LinkedIn videos?


The latest episode of The Social Media Marketing podcast features Goldie Chan, a LinkedIn video expert with a daily show about marketing on LinkedIn.
Goldie explains how LinkedIn’s video audience and metrics compare to those on YouTube and Facebook. You’ll also discover tips for creating and optimizing videos in accordance with the LinkedIn algorithm.
Moreover, there are short reviews on such products as Clipomatic, Clips and Nception app for iOS, and Rev, which is a browser-based tool.

Affiliate marketer and the Chamber of Predictions. Rohan Ayyar from Marketing Strategy gets all the answers of life.

Professionals in sales and marketing across four continents answer 5 burning questions that every marketer wonders about. Award-winning experts share their thoughts on the value and future of digital marketing, their predictions and assertions for 2019.
In addition, you can find a couple of thought-provoking tips for educating clients who focus on pushing their products vs engaging audiences.

On Thanksgivings finishing with a treat is a must. Remember, remember the 22nd of November when Disney’s The Lion King remake was released.

A minute and a half teaser aired during the NFL’s traditional Thanksgiving primetime game.
Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé as Nala, and James Earl Jones reprising his role as Mufasa. Hans Zimmer is also returning to score the film, while Elton John is coming back to rework some of his original compositions.
Feels like Back to the Future, doesn’t it? Are you going to cry over little Simba again? Me, definitely.

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