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TV commercial breaks, billboards, newspapers, radio spots… these words sound like dateless antiquity to modern marketers. Nowadays, most sales, communications, and, well… lives happen online. The future of marketing definitely lies there, so if you wish to act digitally, you need to think digitally.

The problem is that even the most powerful human brain can’t handle all of the customer data that overwhelms the Internet each day. If we can’t have such intelligence – we should create it. And to make it effective we need to make it flexible, adaptive and able to study. Is machine learning the future of marketing? Find an answer in the review by The Next Web.


For most of us (which is not surprising), app marketing is the most obvious and common sphere to utilize artificial intelligence. Fueled by growing competition, AI algorithms become more complex and fine-tuned day by day, thus forcing human intelligence to evolve at the same rapid pace. How machine learning is changing the game for app marketers and how will it change the processes beyond the mobile screen? Let’s think on it with Google.


While the technology becomes near and dear to those operating in B2C space, many B2B businesses still linger to embrace it. The buying cycle is longer and more complex to rely fully on a machine. But the fact is that machine learning really matters for B2B. It is able to streamline so many key processes that significant performance gain becomes inevitable. Forbes provides us a short but convincing list of business operations that only win when affected by AI.

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Communication with your customers is important no matter which letter stands after “B2”. In many cases, chatbots can successfully replace human support by processing requests promptly and accurately. They are powerful tools that can have a positive impact on companies of all sizes and there are at least 10 ways chatbots can reduce business risks.

They are definitely more than just chatting. A well-made chatbot has an enormous potential to become a real revenue booster for both supply and demand sides. We are happy to present you our own chatbot as proof. It already helps our customers to earn more by informing them about top converting offers when they are away from laptops.

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The more routine work is taken by machines the more time we have to feast, right? – “Wrong!” will be the answer of many marketers. Each celebration is a perfect reason to launch a killer advertising campaign. AdEspresso provides you with a Marketing Calendar for 2018 and a free guide to developing your own. So that you can celebrate not only a special day but special benefits it brings you.

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