MLink — a new era of SuperLink

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Every publisher strives to monetize their traffic to the last view and maximize their income from each click.

While managers are set to find performing offers, remnant traffic isn’t something that can be easily avoided.

Enter SuperLink. More than two years have passed since Tapgerine has presented its optimization solution. At the time of its creation, it was, without a doubt, the best way for the publishers to get the most out of their leftover traffic. However, as it was processing clicks in bulk, we’ve noticed in time that the results could be improved even further.

Now, we are ready to announce that our publishers can unlock a new feature — MLink.

MLink is an artificial, intellectual server-based mechanism. Placed on a “lambda architecture,” it organically operates several machine learning algorithms to make decisions on the efficient monetization of each click.

In other words, where SuperLink optimizes an aggregated number of clicks, MLink does it separately with each one of them.

What does it mean?

Each click is a learning point for our mechanism, allowing it to make correct predictions. As a result, every new click you generate gets directed to where it will perform best. Hence, MLink maximizes your profit from each click.

How to connect to MLInk?

As always, you need to ask your manager. Once they make sure that your traffic is of the required quality, you would be able to enjoy the benefits of the new algorithm.

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