Marketing Beyond The GDPR Deadline


Imagine you’re in your office, a cup of triple chocolate mocha in your hand as you’re casually working on a new project, developing tactics and strategy, thinking of new features. All of a sudden (or not so much, maybe you were just too distracted) a lion appears. As in, a huge “rawring” thing with claws and teeth the size of your new phone. You’re either going to freeze or try to run for your life. It seems highly unlikely that you’re going to blink twice and go back to work. Right?

GDPR seems to have quite the same effect on most businesses. And while we keep trying to get rid of the vision, the “lion” is already here.

If you work anywhere near the digital world (and that would be the only reason for you to read this), you already know what GDPR is and its general terms.

Last week we’ve received loads of letters with updated Privacy Policies and Terms Of Use from various organizations. Does this mean that all of them are 100% compliant? Independent says that most of the UK smaller businesses are definitely not. 


We’re quite sure of measures taken by Apple Inc., as they have even created a portal where any user can download all the information the company has on them.

Google seems to be just as attentive, updating all their products and services. Here’s a nice overview, featured on MOZ blog, of what changes you need to make in your Google Analytics account to comply with The Regulation. The article also gives a clear understanding of what’s going to happen with gated content and email marketing.

The new law obviously changes things for affiliate marketers. Here’s an apprehensive brief by Payoneer


Now that reaching new audiences becomes even more difficult (sketchy tools are off the table) – content marketing is something that can be our savior. Truly engaging content will have no trouble bringing new users to your website or app organically, but it has to be really on point.

To achieve that, you might want to consider delving into the science of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction). It is a field of study that unites behavioral science and technology and allows a deeper insight into your audience’s preferences. Here’s a lucid sketch on the matter by MarTech authors.

Another thing that can help you get a sneak peek into your customers’ preferences is analytics. If you’re running an app, you might have noticed just how many tools are on the market. Our partners at Orangear came up with a coherent analysis of those, to make the choice easier.

Knowing what your users want and creating timeless content is important to get likes, shares, and positive reviews. However, we all know that following popular themes can get you and your product into a spotlight. Keeping up with the latest trends became even less of a challenge with an updated Google Trends version. 

To sum it up.

Yes, GDPR had us all startled and made our jobs more difficult. But it doesn’t mean we can’t function. Make sure you’re compliant to avoid huge fines and get creative. Find new ways to market your product and services. The basic rules are easy. Reach out to your current audience, find out their needs and desires and make sure your content and, of course, product or services, is what they are looking for. It’s all about quality now. And maybe it’s a good thing, in the long term.

* * *

Oh, by the way, did you know that it is unconstitutional for Donald Trump to block users on Twitter? Just saying.

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