Manual for Beginners Publishers: Useful Tips


Tapgerine Ad Platform is a high-tech performance-based mobile app advertising program. Our platform combines the best offers from advertisers, ad networks and agencies, providing webmasters the opportunity to monetize their traffic with high efficiency. We have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that working with the Tapgerine Ad Platform is as easy as possible for partners, so it combines a user-friendly and intuitive design,  stress-free campaign setup and maximum transparency.

You can join our program by simply registering. You’ll receive an approval of your account from your personal account manager.

See how easy it is to use the many awesome features of our platform. The first thing you will see is the sidebar. Here you can navigate through our platform and you will also find some basic information: 

  • All available offers in our platform including those already approved, 
  • Your balance and last day’s income.  

Also, if you’re looking for a particular offer, you can find it right away via our search form.

So let’s take a look at the “Dashboard” section. Here you can find more detailed information about your income. This information includes  visually appealing charts which show the statistics of the offers you are promoting, their GEO and also you can check the best converting offers for you and Top Converting offers at our platform. Please note that you can adjust the position of the charts to make it look just like you want. If, for instance, you find GEO information about offers more useful than looking at millions of dollars of the payouts, press LMB at the GEO’s chart and then drag and drop it above Payout chart.

The next thing you will want  to check is a “reports” division. Here you can find  the most detailed information about your offers. Note that the performance report is highly customizable.

For instance, assume you need to know how many conversions you had over the past week in the US with Vikings: War of clans from iPhone users. To find this out, press the “Report options” button. Take a look at the picture below, make the necessary changes to match your report criteria , press “Apply” and … you now have what you were looking for.

TAPGERINE LLC - Publisher interface - Publishers

The “Conversions” section stands for conversion reports. Here you can find details about every single conversion you have. If you are looking for some specific information, you can  apply some filters by pressing the “Report options” button, where you can use the filters: Offer ID/ Offer name, GEO (countries), Platforms, Transaction ID and Affiliate subs.

The “Offers” line is self-explanatory. Here you can find all the offers which are available at Tapgerine platform. And if you’re looking for an offer but you’re not sure what offer you need, you can use our ‘search’ feature. To make it happen, select  the search field just like the picture says and find a suitable offer. You may use the following filters to pick the best offer:  Geography, Category, Platform, Min and Max Payouts and Type of traffic. Please note that some offers require an approval which you can get from your account manager. Pick a suitable offer, learn some details about it, grab the tracking link and start earning money.

TAPGERINE LLC - Publisher interface -

The “Billing” section stands for the information about the payouts you have received.

Last but not least is the “Support” section, which has two further subsections – “Ticket” and “API”. “Ticket” stands for creating a request for our support team to fix any issue you have in the shortest time span, and the “API” section contains API documentation with examples of how to use it. Please, take your time and read this section carefully.

If you still have any questions or you have difficulties, do not hesitate to contact your manager. You can do it by pressing the “Mail” or Skype icon.


Feel free to use our service.We wish you great conversions and high payouts!

Best regards, Tapgerine team.

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