The Topic of the Month: Is the Ad-blocking War Ever Winnable?

Is the ad-blocking war ever winnable?

June has not only brought us the first hot days of Summer but also hot discussions about the AdBlock issue. More and more research and studies are published each week. The greater the AdBlock penetration gets among internet users, the more stressed the webmasters and the advertisers become.

There is a significant reason to fret. According to an e-marketer research, more than a quarter of US internet users will block ads this year. By the end of 2018, their number will exceed 30%. The research is supported by an interview about the reasons why people install such software.

«Consumers aren’t revolting against advertising, they’re revolting against bad advertising» says Keith Grossman, global chief revenue officer at Bloomberg Media, in another e-marketer interview. The content creativeness and the need of the new time based effectiveness metrics are also on agenda.

There was a great deal of useful data on the issue this month. But it’s all about the same: if we keep ignoring what users want from advertising soon we’ll be unable to advertise at all. In an article by Orangear, you can learn how to rebuild the trust and become friends again

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So… What do users want from the ads? The most frequent answer to the question is “Users want them to be video”. Video is more important than ever before, especially in social media. The MAW infographics based on Animoto data is a proof of  this statement.

To learn more about the reasons for video ads’ growing effectiveness and the opportunities it gives to advertisers see our article What is Video Advertising and Why Does It Work? Or ask our manager what Tapgerine has to offer video marketers. We’ll be happy to advise you on our solutions –

Mobile Marketing: the Present and the Future

When we’ve determined WHAT to show the users, it’s time to decide WHEREMobile Web or Mobile App – where do we prefer spending our time? A new study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) answers this question and provides even more impressive data: 90% of smartphone owners recall seeing mobile adverts on their devices. That makes the ad awareness much higher than expected.

But the most delicious outcome for the Tapgerine team was made by DNA325. It came to light that a great number of  mobile marketing companies have offices in Ukraine. The review of the most reputable is in this link. Guess who’s on the list?

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