How To Check Tracking Links


Working with hundreds, thousands offers a day is something every decent affiliate network is familiar with. The thing with the tracking links though, is that more often than we’d like, something goes wrong, which prevents us from achieving our goals.

The most efficient way to deal with this issue is to constantly check your offers to make sure all of them are active and direct potential customers to the right place. Luckily, we no longer have to invent ways to do that, as there are ready-to-use solutions available on the market.

The most important features of an affiliate link testing solution, in my opinion, are:

  • level of automation
  • speed
  • trustworthiness and quality of the result



TestMyOffers Orangear Checker AffiliTest

free checks per day

0, but it currently has a special offer for 3 free months if you sign up for a paid plan 25-45 5
avg speed per check (sec) 60 10


autocheck list

yes yes no
testing history yes yes


clickable redirects

no yes no
detailed info on each redirect no yes


special features

testing through 3G farther reach*

domain blacklist***

express check***

testing through 3G/4G
API / Built-In API integration API integration, Built-In option for Orangear-based networks

integration with Affise- and HasOffers based networks

prepaid plans for API

# of requests per month

price (USD)

















Orangear Checker offers a trial for API version with 25 free checks.

*** 2000 offers in under 60 sec for API version.

** the price is for the 40000 requests.

*this is something worth a more thorough description. Orangear were the first to employ a feature that allows their software to emulate a real “human” click. The reason it’s so important and is that it allows Checker to recognize JS script within redirects and follow the chain a real person would go through. Thus, it presents far more realistic results.

This is how the results are displayed in each tool.



and the “Show” button will send an email to the address you’ve mentioned while signing up.


Orangear Checker

Show request info



Each of these tools is quite a catch, to be honest. However, it’s obvious that the latest release of Checker had gathered the best from existing solutions while still adding some great features of their own.

Orangear Checker’s Built-In version has a wider range of features, including:

  • blacklist (add suspicious or unwanted domains to the list and the Checker will notify you if one of them is discovered within your offers);
  • express check (checks 2000 offers in under 60 seconds);

In any case, whichever tool you choose, it’ll sure be better than trying to check your offers in any other way. And the best part with manual tools is that you can test all of them for free to see what suits you the most.

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