February Retrospective: The End of Ads as We Know Them?



The world changes, people change, and so does the advertising. This is well demonstrated by the February news from two giants: Youtube and Facebook.

Google video service reported plans to get rid of the 30-second pre-roll ads by 2018. This will help improve the user experience and increase conversions from each ad — company’s own study found that 15-second commercial deals with these tasks much better.

Facebook also announced two innovations. First, Facebook Audience Network introduced new mid-roll ads. Secondly, the videos in the news feed will automatically be played with sound, which opens up new opportunities to attract and retain users’ attention through the audio channel.

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We’re wondering, what other advertising innovations to expect this year and whether it would dramatically change mobile advertising market, as we know it today.

It becomes even more actual considering the following news: the popularity of messengers and voice assistants adversely affects the use of apps. This was reported in a Gartner study, accompanied by a statement that it may be the beginning of the post-app era.


New Appsflyer research has shown that user retention remains an important task for the industry. According to the collected data, seven days after the application is installed only 10-12% of the users remain active, and a month later the number falls down to 4-5%.

In this regard, you should pay attention to the guide on how to maintain user interest in your product and make them come back again and again, fueling activity in the application.

$27 billion — this is the sum that publishers all over the world are about to lose in the coming years if the problem of user ad fatigue remains unresolved. This psychobehavioral problem has grown to global rates and requires urgent countermeasures on the part of the market. In order to understand what they should be, pay attention to this publication with a detailed analysis of the problem — and an overview of possible solutions.

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Newcomers in the industry should definitely get acquainted with the list of myths and truths of affiliate marketing, presented by Clickbakers. Experienced market players are unlikely to find any new information there, but the presentation of the material rocks — so it can be adopted and given for new employees to read.

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What is your business’ Karma? Do not rush to say that these two concepts are incompatible. Digital marketing is dictating its terms: the more companies are giving to users, the more they get in return – and therefore it’s more that obvious that karmic laws work. We advise to figure out how to build your good karma, and to verify the assertion on your own experience 😉

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