Don’t you forget about me…” GDPR and other things 2018 comes with

CGDP and other things 2018 comes with

We’re 59 days into 2018 and it means that there are less than 3 months separating us from the consequences of the General Data Protection Regulation, taking effect on the 25th of May.

What does it mean for marketers? With GDPR being a set of regulations aimed to protect users and their personal data, companies will be required to make changes to their digital products and websites. Privacy settings will have to be integrated and switched on by default, otherwise, budgets will be spent on huge fines. However, with so little time left, more than 60% of companies are simply not ready and don’t have systems in place to “forget” their customers’ data.


And while this might be one of the biggest concerns for smaller businesses, social media giants suffer in their own way. As “fake news” scandals are yet to be over with, advertisers are looking for new quality environments to ensure their ads run with, yes, engaging and popular, but proper and trustworthy content. It’s a great time for publishers to boost their performance.


Yet another addition to the digital world to consider these days is Chrome’s built-in ad blocker. It might sound quite scary, but we’ve already found out that it’s actually a good thing. Yes, even for advertisers.

It’s an attempt to get rid of the most annoying ads, as it will only interfere with the ones that don’t conform to the Coalition for Better Ads guidelines (it’s less than 1% of websites popular in North America and Europe). The funny thing is, the ad blocker announcement itself made, debatably, a bigger impact than its actual launch, as 42% of notified companies made preventive changes to their ads beforehand.


You would think this is where Google would stop for now –– it doesn’t. It’s about to move even more websites to the mobile-first index in the following weeks. Just more proof that we all need to be mobile-friendly.


All things considered, it might feel like there are too many obstacles to overcome, but let’s take a look at the key mobile advertising rates. Seems like it’s all worth it, right?

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