The Disappearance of Crypto, the Trial by Truth for Facebook and Other Things you missed this March




While the world was celebrating March with its holidays and the coming of spring, some had to suffer. It’s hard to tell who has had it worse these past few weeks. Was it Facebook or cryptocurrency?

Following the “fake news” itch, “Cambridge Analytica” made headlines, one (Guardian) after the other (New York Times).

Just a week ago, The New Yorker featured an insightful article by four of its writers discussing the ongoing scandal, including the topic of “social responsibility” in Silicon Valley. If you’ve missed it, now’s the time to catch up!

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Speaking of Facebook, it was the first “big fish” to ban crypto-related ads earlier this year. Now Google followed suit by announcing it will be free of such content in June, and Twitter, the latest addition to the “team”. These measures are taken due to a number of concerns regarding illicit activities by advertisers in the industry and effectively cut their access to loads of trustworthy traffic. Related or not, Bitcoin did drop from its high by 60%. Ouch.


If you’re still unsure whether you need to add video marketing to your strategy, here are a few more reasons to consider.

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With that being said, email-marketing is definitely not off the table, so here are a couple of tips on the best way to use this channel.


With so many reality-transforming technologies it’s easy to get terribly confused. Fear not, XR (as in eXtended Reality) is a new popular term that conveniently covers all of them. Or was it Mixed Reality? MarTech has some nice insight into all of those acronyms we have to deal with now.

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Another thing that was, thankfully, clarified this month is the mystery of various identifiers. Here’s a breakdown by IAB.

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