April News Digest: The Subtleties and Secrets of High Income


The topic of increasing profits for your business is vast and ever changing. We need new technologies, strict adherence to trends, knowledge of the subtleties in the industry, successfully fight fraud, and just plain luck… How to deal with all of that? We have gathered the best materials on this topic to share with you, which will introduce you to the new trends in the field of mobile marketing and will help to avoid many “pitfalls”


In February, Youtube announced a new format for video advertising, now Twitter followed suit: the social network announced in-stream video ads. Company’s representatives, who were guided by Nielsen’s research say that it shows that a display of video advertising on Twitter increases brand awareness by 50%, brand loyalty by 14%, and purchase probability by 18%. Well, it’s very useful! It remains only to observe the real effectiveness of this new advertising setup.


Snapchat is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world, especially by way of the American audience. Advertising in it is a great way to quickly and effectively achieve success among consumers. But how do Snapchat users themselves feel about mobile advertising? New material on Mobyaffiliates carefully examines the situation, highlighting all the positive and negative sides and, of course, the overall market picture. It is up to everyone to decide whether the game is worth a candle — as always.

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Generation Z — today’s teens from 13 to 17 — are a significant proportion of mobile device users. In the US market alone, the annual income from Gen Z representatives exceeds 40 billion dollars. What does such a target audience value? The research from Google and Ipsos will help to understand this issue. A brief and informative extract from the material can be found here.


Fraudsters follow the trail of big money — which inevitably leads them to mobile websites and applications. Amit Joshi, the director of product and data research at Forensiq, a fraud detection company, talks about new methods of fraud used in mobile apps and some fresh solutions that help advertisers protect themselves from fraud.

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The involvement of users is an important indicator of advertising success, and industry professionals are urging players to give it the maximum attention. Why is this important, and what metrics are worth paying attention to? Read the material from MarketingLand.

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Google’s strategy “everything for the users” brings the company excellent results, but is it really that fruitful? Many publishers are very upset by the sudden experiment with advertising in their applications. We invite you to learn the details and share your opinion: do you welcome such innovations, or are stability and transparency still in the first place?

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