6 Unusual Ways to Get More App Installs

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If you are marketing an application, you must have already formed your own to-do list that includes promoting your app store page, growing a community, running a CPI or CPA ad campaign and expanding your presence in social networks. This is a standard set of tools that work well enough if you manage them properly.

But let’s not leave well enough alone. There are many other powerful tactics to generate more users that app owners usually neglect. Let’s look through the most effective ones:

1. Use someone else’s popularity

First, you can integrate with a well-known app. It’s not only a good way to engage its user but also a great chance to get free publicity. The most vivid example of this principle are 23 health and wellness apps that became extremely popular due to integration with Apple’s HealthKit. You can also gain some SEO benefits by getting  permission to use the name of the popular app in your search terms.

If you wish to remain unaffiliated, or your app does not stipulate integrations, the best way to benefit from others popularity  is to launch an in-app advertising campaign.

Why choose in-app advertising:

Motivated audience

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Your ad will be shown to those who already use an app of the same category. So they’re interested in what you have to offer and are more likely to download your app.

It looks native

Your ad will be displayed in the context of an app, so it will look more organic than irritating banners on your laptop. Many apps also feature interactive advertising that allows advertisers to select when to show the ad (e.g. after scoring a new level in a game). This ensures a smooth transition for the app’s users.

Mobile users are the most tolerant to ads

Actually, some of them even choose to watch them. According to Unity’s research, 71% of mobile users prefer watching ads as a way to pay for the app content. As they watch your offer voluntarily, they are more likely to submit it.

It’s risk-free

When choosing the CPI model for in-app advertising, you don’t need to pay for users that didn’t convert into installs. So you get only high-quality leads.

Contact us to learn what Tapgerine has to offer for mobile advertisers or join the Platform and try our advanced features yourself.

2. Create a video

When thinking of social media, most of us consider Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and only a few mention YouTube. And that’s quite a mistake. YouTube is the world’s 3rd most commonly visited website and the 2nd most popular search engine. A YouTube video can get up to one million views without even becoming viral.

A well-made SEO-optimized video can expose your app to a myriad of potential users and lead to numerous downloads.

Youtube app promotion

But YouTube is not the only platform to place your video. Learn about the most attractive opportunities that video marketing grants to advertisers from our article What is Video Advertising and Why Does It Work?

3. Start from a smaller country

Such markets have lower levels of competition, so your product is more likely to get a higher position in local app stores. Running an advertising campaign there will also be cheaper and easier. Not to lose potential users you’ll need to localize your app store page or make it display several languages.  But that’s not a challenging task.

To make it even simpler, we’ve made a review of the most beneficial GEOs for mobile marketers. Here you can find the list of the most advantageous countries in Europe, America, and Asia.

4. Benefit from third party app stores

The idea is comparable to the previous one. Smaller app store means lesser competition and more attention to your product. It’s also worth noting that some of these resources’ visitors may not use Google Play or Apple App store. By using alternative platforms, you gain exposure to a wider audience and reach users neglected by your competitors.

Here are a few most reputed 3rd party app stores:

  • Amazon App Store 
  • SlideME
  • GetJar
  • F-Droid
  • Samsung Galaxy Apps
  • AppsLib
  • Mobogenie

5. Use Retargeting to Gain Higher ROI

Leading people to your website or an app store page may not always be enough to convert them into users. Most of us don’t buy on the first visit and are never sure whether we need this new app or not. So without a proper trigger or call to action, a huge segment of your app’s potential users will simply leave your page and never return.

Targeting your ads to such visitors or even to visitors of relative sites is a powerful method bringing your ads 10 times more clicks. Retargeting reminds users of their interest in your app and helps them finally decide to click on Download button.

6. Ask for feedback

People like sharing their thoughts and experiences, or giving friendly advice. So why not to ask for it? Forums and social networks are the best places to start. Asking users about what they think of your app is a good way to promote it without looking like a self-promoter.

You may also find some new ideas on how to upgrade your app that you may have missed before. So don’t be afraid to refer to your users. After all, they are the ones who USE your app.


It’s worth noting that described techniques don’t deprecate the importance of basic tools, such as launching an effective CPI marketing campaign. Contact us to learn how Tapgerine can help you promote your app and attract loyal and high-quality users. And don’t miss our upcoming updates!

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