Hi, my name is Dmitry, and I’m the Boss at Tapgerine.

I started working and earning online 8 years ago when the mobile niche didn’t exist yet. We started our way in a mobile app industry three years ago as an affiliate network. Now Tapgerine is the company with its own products, technologies, and strategies. I’m very proud of it.

I can’t live without challenges. I love increasing profit. I’m a fan of huge payouts and lots of competition. I just adore the way our team works together on complex tasks and aims at the future with ambitious goals. I am prepossessed by pride when I see the huge team of professionals united by the same ideas. Sometimes I come upon the time when it consisted of three people and shared a small office.

Hi, guys!

I’m Olga, Head of Advertisers’ Relations Department at Tapgerine.

Before I started working here, y life was pretty ordinary…But I should get to the very beginning: it all started from my childhood.

My Mom worked in the customer service at one of the biggest banks in our country. She spent lots of time working, so I spent lots of time at her office. Since that time I was in love with digits, reports, calculations, the sound of keys of the typewriter, and the best thing I loved was the communication skills. So when it came to choosing what stuff I should do in my life, surely it was banking!

I got the financial education in the banking business, held a position of a junior manager and worked hard. Where did I start?… Oh, my life was pretty ordinary, and I had plans for the next few years. But after 10 years of doing the stuff of my life (and I succeeded in it, by the way ) I understood that I had to stop. Everything that I was doing became too predictable and too dull. So, I quit. If someone told me a couple of years ago that I would change my life so extraordinary in one day, I would not believe that! I came to Tapgerine about 2 years ago, and again I started from the position of a junior account manager because I knew nothing about IT-marketing, traffic, applications, sources, networks, etc.

So, here I am. I have to tell you that this is a fantastic job! You are in touch with hundreds of people from all around the world! It is such a dynamic, rapidly developing market. You never know what the new day will bring you. I’m just in love with what I’m doing! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Hi, everyone! This is Vitaliy, and I`m the Head of Publishers Relations Department at Tapgerine.

I won’t lie; I have great experience in affiliate marketing. I started working with mobile marketing from the beginning of this industry. It was fulfilling to work as a media buyer, but I wanted to be the part of a successful team. The one like Tapgerine. So I`m here now.

At first, I was an affiliate manager. Hundreds of new connections, chatting with American partners at nights, liters of coffee in the morning… That was much more exciting than all my previous jobs.

Now, after 15 months of working here, I`m responsible not only for myself but the whole department. And this is much more complicated work. The key to company success is the friendly and working environment and no doubt that here in Tapgerine we have excellent teamwork.  Feel free to contact me.


Hi, I’m Alyona. I am responsible for PR&Marketing communication at Tapgerine.

I quickly come up with the words for new advertising campaigns, but it is quite difficult for me to describe myself. I only recently started working in the mobile app market, but I soon realized how many opportunities this industry offers. It is growing rapidly; there is a need to keep abreast constantly. Every time our competitors come up with new advertising strategies, we not only track them but also aim at being ahead in new solutions and innovative projects. Yes, this is our ambitious goal 🙂

I fell in love with this industry. I enjoy the opportunity to work with people from different countries. I love the fact that this market pushes me to the limits of my creative potential. My goal is to continually improve professionally, to offer more creative and effective solutions to support advertising campaigns, to develop strategic thinking, and to explore new channels of communication.

Needless to say, I am surrounded by friendly, smart and just awesome people.

Enjoy your work, enjoy your life! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


But Hey, guys! I’m Igor.

I work as a business analyst here at Tapgerine, and I am in a good sense crazy about my job. I have a financial education and rather wide life experience working in different positions and kinds of business. You may think that I was unable to find myself and be specialized! No! In fact, I love to study, investigate, and stay fresh and up-to-date with all recent activities and possibilities. To get to know all inner correlations between processes, build logical links, and understand the real background of individuals and their actions is my passion and sense of life.

Not a long time ago I realized that my deep expertise and curious character could perfectly co-exist in an analyst role at a company. At Tapgerine, feeling the strong and friendly support of an amazing team of coworkers, I can feel free to research, create and just be myself. We help each other, grow as professionals and surround our clients and partners with inspiration and care.

If you have data and want to transform it into information, please feel free to contact me! But beware, I can’t but analyze carefully every new person I communicate with.


Hi dear all, I`m Olga.

I work as Business Development Manager at Tapgerine. I

I believe it`s pretty unexpected for my former teachers in the philology’s department who supposed I would become a writer but there was nothing I could do, I always dreamt of working in the advertising business? This dream has lead me to an international advertising agency first, where I got a huge amount of experience as a campaign manager by CPM pricing model.

I was immensely happy watching the campaigns delivered fully on time even if it looked impossible initially.

After 5 wonderful years I felt the need to move on, and now I`m at Tapgerine! I love challenges so the position of Business Development Manager seems to be created especially for me. It`s like a rollercoaster ride with the ups and downs and I`m happy both to feel a strong shoulder from my amazing coworkers when I need it and to be supportive when somebody needs my help.

So if you have any question you think I can help you with, please don`t hesitate and contact me right now.